Happy Birthday, Dad!

Tomorrow (New Year's Day) is my dad's birthday! Happy birthday, Dad! I'm announcing this early because he is actually taking the train to Chicago on his birthday to spend his birthday with us and I fear that there may not be enough time to post it on his actual birthday.

I promise to post pictures of the old man and all of the fun we are having later!

Happy New Year, everybody!


Kelly said...

happy birthday charles! have fun with those crazy kids and stay away from meme! :D

sara said...

Happy Birthday Charlie! Have fun in Chicago!

LINDA said...

Charlie on a bike-that's priceless!
Happy birthday, Charlie! I'd like to see you pedaling around in Chicago!!! Look out Meme--Charlie is coming!!!

Charlie said...

Kelly and Sara: Thank you

Cindi: Some pictures just shouldn't be posted!

SaNdY said...

Happy New Year! Happy Birthday Charlie! :D