New Year's Eve 2007

Happy New Year everybody! Wow, what a night. Amy, Mike and I met up with our friend Matt and his date, Jenn at El Cid (a Mexican restaurant) just after 7. After inhaling some queso fundido, fajitas, fish tacos, tortillas, chips and margaritas, we headed over to a bar that Mike and I used to frequent occasionally with Matt when we were tenants in the building he owns. We spent the remainder of our night here and, I at least, had a wonderful time! Last year I was really mad because Mike and I decided last minute that we were too tired to go out and ended up watching the celebrations on television. I was ok with the decision when we made it, but when the fireworks and stuff went off, I was like, "Dang it. We should be out somewhere."

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the evening. This first one is Matt in the silly hat we made him put on.

Matt and his date, Jenn.

Matt with "Super Dave" - another regular at the bar. He kept telling all the ladies (Amy included) that it was $1/minute to fondle one of his fuzzy ears.

Matt, Jenn and Amy. We'd never met Jenn before tonight but she and Amy really bonded. She's really very nice.

Oh...who are these guys? Two of the "beautiful people," no doubt. Mike was a good sport, but I know he cringed every time I made him put this hat on. He kept taking it off and trying to hide it in my purse.

As the evening wore on, Amy developed a certain fascination with my camera. There's a few strange, unidentifiable pictures on there - but this one wasn't too bad.

Amy got completely hammered. Her mom may have been right all those years ago about me being a bad influence on her. Is that Madonna sitting there?

She kept us entertained all night. She drank, she ate, she made jokes, she danced. She stood up on her seat to count down to the new year. We were really glad she had a good time.

This is our friend, Eric. We randomly ran into him at the bar. Don't you love it when that happens?
It was a really great New Year's Eve. We rang in the new year and split shortly after - we're in our thirties now, you know. I actually need to go to bed! We're getting up early to go to the Aquarium. I can't wait to see how hungover the Aim-ster is in the morning.


sara said...

cute pics-looks like a fun night! Hope amy felt ok today!

LINDA said...

wow looks like you do know how to party, glad you decided to go to bed at a decent time! so amy got toasted. bet the aquarium was really fun for her.....

SaNdY said...

Looks way more fun than staying home, huh Cindi?!?! :D