A Few Pictures from Jan 1st

A picture of Buckingham Fountain as we drove by on our way to pick up the old man from the train station.

Dad arrives! Mike and I were taking bets on how close to the end of the line of people exiting the train he would be. My dad doesn't get in a hurry to do too many things. He was pretty close to the end, by the way.

Dad at dinner at the Outback. He orders the same thing every time. I wonder if that's where I get it - I do the same thing.

Mmmm...that was a good dinner. Mike destroyed his "Outback Special" with steamed broccoli and garlic mashed potatoes.

Vegetable medley.

The men in my life. Sadly the guy who plays Jim from "The Office" and Johnny Depp were unavailable to be photographed with the other two men in my life.

Amy goes home tomorrow. We'll miss her!


sara said...

That's John Krasinkski! You must only love him because he's polish? He isn't hard on the eyes, I'll admit!!

LINDA said...

Hope you showed Charlie a good time. Did he enjoy the train?
Did he and Amy have a good reunion? The veggie plate looks good to me!