Krabby Patty

I guess apologies are in order again. I didn't mean to freak everybody out with that last post. Nothing is wrong on this front - I've just got the blues. As most everybody knows, I got a job at a law firm downtown, which I started immediately after we got back from vacation last week. So, I've got the "hate my new job because I don't know anything yet" blues there. Doesn't everybody hate the first few weeks of a new job? I hate starting a new job. Plus I've got the "now I work full time when before I worked 8 hours a week" blues. The "still have insomnia, but now I have to get up at 6:30am for work" blues. Plus I've been snappish with Mike and generally cranky. I'm crabby, tired and I miss my mom.

On the plus side, I'm slowly figuring out a little more each day at the new job and the sheer exhaustion of barely sleeping the first few days of work is insuring that I'm generally able to sleep better at night. I'm still bummed about being at work from 8-4:30, but I have my first payday on the 30th and I'm hoping that money will go a long way toward soothing that woe.

Anyway, I'm adjusting. People work - it's a fact of life. But I haven't talked about it because I didn't want to spend my time off talking about something that now takes up so much of my time.

Still, I'm fine. Tired, but fine.

But thanks for worrying about me. :D


LINDA said...

Glad to hear you're ok. Sara is undergoing reconstruction.
So, are any of the lawyers cute?
Are you making the big bucks? Will this help the diet? Plus all the exercise of daily running for the L! You'll be in shape to have that baby in no time!!!!

SaNdY said...

Totally understandable, Cindi! That's a lot of change to deal with...I, too, HATE being the new person at a job....prolly one of the reasons I've been at this job for 17+ years! Hope you are feeling better...

sara said...

I am laughing at my Mom: A) asking if there are any cute lawyers there. HELLO???!!! and B.) Trying to get you pregnant so you can already take maternity leave!! I, too, hate & can sympathize with the new work blues. I second that you should ABSOLUTELY buy something with your first paycheck to make yourself feel better. Something like a purse or some new books - or both - a new purse to hold your new books. And dinner out. A must. CHIN UP:)

Jake and Taryn said...

I love the pictures of the cat!!! Haha!! :)I am so sorry to hear you have the new job blues. I know that feeling of just "yuck." I hope things get better for you soon...and I'm sure they will. Hang in there!! :)

Charlie said...

(closed circuit to Mike) I hate to tell you this but that "Crabiness" usually gets worse before it gets better - voice of experience!