Random Pictures

A few random post-Colorado pictures. Mike bought this for me in the Denver airport. Mike has acknowledged the strong, eternal bond that Johnny Depp and I have.

At home, I found a letter from Kristie telling me that my cats had been very good for the most part, although Meme spent the weekend hitting on Kristie's boyfriend.

What can I say? She's a bit of a tramp. We've had discussions with her about "boundaries." I don't know if it'll do any good.

Furio's extremely glad that his daddy's home. Here are the boys watching 3:10 to Yuma.

Mike bought a new scale at Walmart last night and I started to take a picture when he made this weird face! I told him that his silly behind was going on the blog exactly like that - so here he is!

I'm working on a post discussing the fairly awful trip home that we had, but we got home just after 5 am on Monday, so we slept a good portion of Monday away and then today I haven't felt very good, so I'm not done with it yet. Be patient and I'll finish it when I'm feeling a little bit better.

Also, as most everybody is aware, I think - I posted some pictures to go with the Colorado posts. I'll probably post some more when I'm feeling better.

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LINDA said...

Your haircut is darling. We are so glad you had such a good time. The pics you inserted are great. That Mike is very photogenic.....