You Have Got To Be Kidding...

I can't believe I'm sitting here at 4am. We're leaving in an hour and a half to head for the airport to fly away to Denver. Mike's cousin is staying here over the weekend with a couple of friends in exchange for feeding los gatos for us so we don't have to hire anybody. As a result, Mr. Clean was up until the wee hours of the morning trying to make sure everything was as immaculate as possible - quite a feat considering I'd pretty much ripped the place apart while getting ready to go on vacation.

I went to bed at about midnight - telling him to come to bed soon, because we had to be up early to catch the bus to O'Hare. I can't see the logic in working himself to death to clean the house -but that's me. The house wasn't (and isn't) unsanitary - just cluttered. Kristie would never have complained about it and I don't really know her friends - so they can complain all they want! (Although I'm fairly certain they wouldn't complain too much either.)

Anyway, I woke up just a few minutes after three and Mike still wasn't in bed. I came out and got on him about staying up all night. He said that he'd oversleep if he went to bed now. I was so irritated. That's why you go to bed when your wife suggests it, dang it! When will they learn?! I went into the bathroom and was like, "Oh, hell." - because I knew I was going to go out and offer to stay awake while Mike went to bed for awhile. Actually, I thought he'd refuse. :D He must have really been tired, though - because when I made the offer, he just looked at me for a long moment. Then he was like, "You can wake me up early and go back to bed while I shower and then I'll get you up last minute before we have to leave."

And so here I sit - slapping myself around to stay awake and drinking water like it's going out of style. What the heck right? I mean, we're in this life together, so why not look out for Mike for a change. He looks out for me most of the time, so I guess I owe him one.

There'll be plenty of opportunity to sleep on the way to the airport, while we wait for the plane and while we're on the plane - so by the time we get to Colorado Springs we'll be refreshed and friendly. But everybody between here and there had better stay the hell out of my way.

(Yeah, I know it's an old grumpy picture - but my camera's packed! What can I do? :D) Have a great weekend everybody! See you when we get back!

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sara said...

hee-hee - coffees ON!!!!!!!!!!