More Cat Pictures

I cleared out my camera today and found a few more cute shots of our fur babies. Posting them is easier than actually sitting down and thinking long enough to post a real post. I'm too tired to do that right now - so here they are.

A cute shot of the F man.

Meme is crouched down on the arm of the recliner here, getting ready to try some high risk "off the top rope" manuvers on her brother, who is sitting on the floor looking up at her.

When Mike's in the shower, Furio posts himself outside the door - as a lifeguard, I guess.

This is my favorite. The middle door of our medicine cabinet came loose a couple of days ago, so Mike put it in the spare room until he has time to put it back on. Furio has spent endless hours since them gazing into this mirror. He's trying to figure out how to get to that other cat. He moves around and ducks and bobs his head, trying to see into that room where the other cat is. Then when he gets tired and walks away, he'll get a few feet across the room and look back to make sure that the other cat hasn't invaded his space and/or followed him.

Even more amusing is the fact that Mike keeps trying to explain it to him. I'll be in the living room and I'll hear Mike say, "But that's you, Furio! It's you, Papi!"


LINDA said...

Reminds me of when we took Libby to the vet last week. She trotted up to the door and saw her reflection in the glass. She barked like a mad dog....Animals are so funny....

SaNdY said...

Funny Furio!! >"<