Almost Forgot!

Mike, Leigh and I went to see Jesus Christ, Superstar on Friday night - starring Ted Neeley, the man who played Jesus in the movie version. It was great, although Mike didn't like it as well as Sweeney Todd and Godspell.

The only slightly odd thing? Jesus has really aged.
1973 Movie Jesus -
Ted is about 30 here

2008 Tour Jesus - Ted is 64.
Don't get me wrong...the show was great. The music was wonderful and seriously - Ted's still got some major pipes! His voice has definitely changed (I downloaded a couple of songs from the original soundtrack when I got home) and has a rougher edge than it did when he was 30 - but he was still really, really great. On the other hand, I'm not going to lie and say that there weren't a couple of minutes where I didn't think to myself, "Man...Jesus is looking a little old."

Still worth seeing if/when the touring company comes to your area. And for the record, people...it's not a musical! It's a rock opera!!!


LINDA said...

So, he got older. I'd imagined that you knew about that fact. He still looks good though....

Cindi said...

Indeed. In fact, part of the reason we went was to see how Ted Neeley would appear after all this time.

It was not a criticism, merely a comment on the fact that was a tad distracting to realize that Jesus in his 60's.

SaNdY said...

I love Jesus Christ Superstar, love the music...it is so reminscent of the late 60's, hippies, etc...

LINDA said...

I concur but perhaps it's because we have preconceived ideas about how Jesus looked; as is the Bible stories.
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