Too Much Light

Tonight Mike and I decided to take in "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind" at the Neo-Futurists theater. This was fun for a lot of reasons.

A. It's really, really funny.
B. It's a night out of the house.
C. It's a beauuuuuuutiful night here in Chicago.
D. Because I said so...
E. Because Mike was singled out for ridicule. :D
Alright, it's not a big story or anything, but it amused me greatly...so here it is. Neo-futurists works like this...they don't take reservations. You just have to show up early enough to be one of the first 150 people. You wait in line outside of the theater. They open the doors and give you a plastic token. If you can get a plastic token, you have a seat! Then you take the token inside and trade it for a chance to roll a die. The price of your ticket is $7 + the roll of the die.

Anyway, one of the Neo-Futurists (Steve) was handing out the little plastic army guys they were using as tokens tonight. When he gave Mike a token, he noticed Mike's Detroit Tigers ball cap and mentioned something to Mike about how they lost again today.
We didn't think anything about it. We went inside (where I rolled a 1, thankyouverramuch). We sat down and the show began. One of the guys was explaining how it works...blah, blah, blah and how they try to do 30 plays in 60 minutes etc. And he said that you might not get all of the plays or you might think of a play differently than somebody who is sitting next to you...or something like that. Then he said, "You might laugh at one play, while the guy next to you will cry." And Steve, the guy who was giving out tokens at the front, looked over at Mike and said..."The guy from Detroit is crying all the time." Then he made a "0" with one hand and held up five fingers with the other... indicating a 0-5 record. He went on a little more about it for a couple more minutes while everybody laughed a little at Mike's expense (myself included). Then - about 25 plays into the 30, out of nowhere, Steve randomly held up the 0-5 thing at Mike again. Frankly, I don't care whether anybody else thinks this is funny. To me, it's hilarious.

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sara said...

Ha, ha!! Smiling in Colorado.....