Wii've Been Sick

And still not feeling 100%. Mike and I both missed work on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. We were back today, but neither one of us was feeling like doing a marathon or anything. And, despite my best efforts, a nasty head cold has taken root and we're both coughing and sniffling up a storm here.

Ordinarily, I'd love to have a couple of days off with the Schmikester, but not when we're both sick. Each of us whining and miserable and trying to bribe the other to get up to fetch medicine, water, soup etc.

Buuuut, being stetched out on the couches for two days did inspire us a little bit. Mike realized that with our wireless internet, we can connect our Wii. This allows us to download old nintendo, super nintendo, nintendo 64 and sega games. We took a look and flipped through the choices...just to see our options.

I expect us to be declaring bankruptcy sometime next month. We spent about an hour going, "Ooooh! Look! They have (insert 1987 Nintendo title here)! I love that one!" Of course, they're not free. They are relatively cheap - most running about $5.00. I immediately said we needed to get some "Wii points," which you trade for downloads. 100 points = about $1. Mike's response? "What's the highest you can get?" We're both salivating like Pavlov's dogs over these games we played as pre-teens. But we settled on three to start with. We agreed to limit our purchases - otherwise we really will be broke all the time. There are literally hundreds of old games available.

Toejam & Earl. One of my favorites! I used to play this with Matt, so it has a lot of sentimental value on top of being quite entertaining to me.

The original Zelda. The one that started my love of all things Zelda. This was selected because I thought it would be something that we would both play. Mike later said that he probably won't ever play it, but that he wanted me to have it because he knew how much I love Zelda. He's always very thoughtful.

And Mike's selection. Blades of Steel. A game that he declares to be "the best hockey game of all time." Um...yeah. Whatever you say, Mikey. He's been practicing...he's a little rusty. He lost his first game in a shoot-out. After I teased him about losing he said, "I didn't think it was too bad for a game that I haven't played in 10 years!" I was like, "10?! Try 20, Mikey. We're old now."

I think we've both selected our next downloads. I'm going for one of the old Mario Bros. games, while Mike is probably going to download something called Tecmo Bowl? I dunno. Not one I ever played. I just know that when he saw it, he drooled down his chin a little bit. :D

But, for now, I suspect an early night lies ahead of us. Neither one of us is up to partying this weekend. I just want to feel human again before I have to head back to work on Monday. Wish me luck!


SaNdY said...

Good luck, Cindi!! Hope you guys are feeling better...sounds like searching thru all those games was a nice distraction from not feeling well...have fun!! :D

lindanuts said...

Get well soon! I know how these things can drag on. Eat something spicy. They say the capsasin burns out the germs. I'm going with that....

amy said...

Great post and blog. I love days off with hubby but hes pretty sick right now!!!

Glad I found your blog!

sara said...

Sorry, I tagged you. But you are so good at memes & the like. You go girl!