Random Picture Post

My father's been complaining because I haven't posted lately, but I haven't got much to say. I work a lot now. Man, I never realized how long 37 hours a week is! This working full time is for the birds! But here's a short pictoral entry about what I've been upto this week.

Sleeping. One of my favorite things.

Knitting. I finally picked up this hat again and am in the process of trying to finish it. After the stripes it'll go really quickly - if I can just make myself sit down and do it.

Thinking about where to put all of my Kelly originals that I brought home from Michigan. I've been pricing frames etc. If anybody knows where I can get a good deal, let me know. I know JoAnn's is 1/2 price right now for custom framing.

Deciding where to put my purple angel. Also painted by Mike's sister, Kelly.

(Another Kelly painting) Deciding where on the dining room wall collage this small one will go. I'm thinking about right here. Between the postcards and the Shakespearean insults.

Eating $5 pizza with Mike. No meat Lent Fridays = $5 cheese pizza.

(This picture's for Big Boy JO-ey)
Watching movies! We went to see Semi-Pro tonight. Nothing special, but we got some laughs out of it. I've been trying to decide between watching Jesus Christ Superstar, which just arrived today (Thank you, amazon.com)

and Stardust, which was a birthday present from both my husband and my mother-in-law. Mike took his back to Best Buy and has yet to replace it.
I know what you're thinking...why not watch both! Perhaps I will! But then, who would blog?

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SaNdY said...

You picked out a nice selection of Kelly Potter originals....but I want to know where you're going to hang the Cindi original, 'Kitty Looking Out of the Window'???