A Short Update

The Michigan Kurczewskis have safely arrived in Chicago! YaY!

We started out the weekend early. (No work for me tomorrow - YaY!)

And we went to Leona's for dinner, one of Mike's favorite eats.

I, naturally, had something slathered in blue cheese.

And we played trivia - where I placed #238 in the National Rankings in RetroacTiVe trivia!

And set a new recent high for our location!

And now Mike's going to go and get stuff so that we can make French Toast for breakfast tomorrow morning! Yumm-o!


SaNdY said...

Yay!!! So glad we're here!! Leona's was great!! And I like all the pictures, no close-ups of me!! :D

Charlie said...

Sorry Sandy - I was wishing she had taken the picture a little closer. Hello from Iowa.

Charlie said...

One more comment: Are you having trouble keeping up with that YOUNG MAN you're married to?

Cindi said...

Hardy-Har Har, Dad. I'm already hearing it from him. He keeps asking me how old I am.