Hey now, you're all all-star...

For those of you anxiously awaiting the results of our kickball game on Sunday, we whupped the Rhinestone Cowboys 24-3. This win puts us at 3-1 and into first place with the team we lost to at the beginning of the year. We have the tiebreaker because we've scored the most runs so far. Because we're the first place team in our division at this point, our team captain will be coaching one of the teams. 3 players from each team get to play in the all-star game and I'm one of those picked to play from our team. Yay!

The post-game BBQ was fun and I'd like to announce that I did not end up face down in bed mumbling, "I don't feel too good" to Cindi afterwards. Good times.

Over and out.

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Anonymous said...

How difficult was it to beat a team called the 'Rhinestone Cowboys'!!! Haahahahahaha!! Just messin with ya...good job, Mike!! (Spread out!!)