New neighbors!!!!

Guess who just moved into our neighborhood! Into an apartment about three blocks from us!!
My friend Sarah Jane!!!

And her daughter, Lyric!

Lyric brought her baby over to visit tonight. I got a picture of her giving the baby a bottle because she "was fussy." She put the baby on Mike's lap and gave him strict instructions on babysitting while she was playing.

Of course, then she realized that I was taking pictures and decided to ham it up a little bit.

It's only been about six or seven months since we've seen her, but she's HUGE now. And she talks all the time. It'll be wonderful having them so close.


Charlie said...

That kinda reminded me of your uncle Mike telling you at about that age "I liked you better before you could talk"

SaNdY said...

That is great news that Sarah and Lyric have moved so close! I will definitely look forward to reading more about Lyric on your blog!! What a sweetie! :D