Na Zdrowie

I've posted the picture of our Sunday activities. Words will have to wait until I have more time and am not so tired.


SaNdY said...

Hey, those mini-donuts look yummy!! And, if I remember the little bit of Polish that I picked up from my childhood, 'piwo' means beer, is that right, Cindi???

Kelly said...

mmmmm....doughnuts....yum. mmmmmm.......i want a doughnut.

if you don't mind i'm going to communicate with my mom via your blog: MOM! remember when we used to make those yummy doughnuts??? how did we make those?? they were so good!

SaNdY said...

Hey Kelly! Now that you're at 'stay-at-home' mom, how bout communicating with me through my blog, or yours?? :D The donuts are so easy, Paula Deen has made them on her show!! Take a can of refrigerated biscuits, I would cut each biscuit into 4, (Paula didn't cut hers) roll each piece out a little in a bit of flour, punch a little hole in the center and pull one end through the hole, fry them in hot oil, drain, dust with powdered sugar, regular sugar, or cinnamon sugar!! YUM-O!!!

Brenda said...

How much piwo did Mikey consume???
And, regarding Sandy's donut recipe, that sounds like mini chruscki (Angel Wings)! Yum!!!
Looks like the Polacks got a little rained on!!!

Kelly said...

are you awake yet? i miss you!!!