If We Didn't Call You...

you probably weren't home! Let me 'splain. For a few weeks, Mike and I have noticed that there is a humming noise coming from our car, Jean Claude Grand Am.

No lights were coming on, so we didn't really sweat it. But, the noise had become bad enough that Mike decided to check it out. I questioned whether or not we wanted to sink any money into a car with over 100,000 miles on it. But Mike and I decided that putting a little money into a paid off car was worth it, since we'd never had any major repairs on it before - and we decided to wait to see what the mechanic said.

The next day Mike called me to say that the mechanic said that it was a wheel hub that needed replacing - about a $300 repair. We were happy it was such an easy fix. Ten minutes later, Mike called me back to say that the guy had said that he was also hearing a noise from our transmission, but that they don't fix transmissions at that particular shop. He told us that it definitely needed to be looked at. As people who've fixed a transmission before, we knew that just to diagnose the problem would be pricey, because they have to tear into it to see anything.

We discussed it and decided to go and see what a new car would run us. After doing some online research, we decided that a Ford Focus would be cheap and fuel efficient. Mike grumbled and whined about having to drive a Focus, but agreed to go looking with me.

About five hours later, we drove out with this totally-not-a-Ford-Focus beauty. This as-yet unnamed car is our brand new 2008 Ford Fusion. Mike is in love.

I'll let Mike post about all of the absolutely unnecessary, but so totally cool options that it has. I'll only say that it has what my Aunt Linda has dubbed a "spy phone." You hit a button on the steering wheel and it syncs with your cell phone and then you say, "Call Aunt Linda" or whoever - and it does it! I called my dad (three times), Mike's boss Arleen, and my Aunt Linda! We tried to call several people in Mike's family, but no answer.

So...what do we name it? Suggestions?


sara said...

WOW!!!! I am going to have to put some thought into her name..(his name?) We LOVE the FUSION!!!! It is Bill's new dream car (we're simple folk from Iowa) It used to be the Taurus; which we now have - 2004. NOW, he is longing for the Fusion! CONGRATS!!!

sara said...

By the way; Bill wears the Bears shirt you got him like everyday. I don't know if you have noticed in the pics on the blog or not. he wears it A LOT! and EVERYWHERE we go, people are giving him knucks and heads up and high fives and saying "GO BEARS", etc....He is so proud of the stinkin shirt. Thanks :) Thanks for making my man the "Bears man" around town......

sara said...

..oh, AND I like your new signature. Cute!

LINDA said...

How about---MikeRider--a take-off on Knight Rider. It certainly is a sexy car>>>
You come up with much more clever names than we ever could. We call ours the EX. See how clever we really can be?

SaNdY said...

Congratulations!! There's nothing like that new car 'perfume'!! What a nice looking car!!! :D

laurie_piekarski said...

Kristie will be very happy with you buying a Ford :) THat is a nice car, my friend has one and loves it!

Scott said...

Cool car!

and your comment about no answer explains the curiousity I felt when I saw that Mike was calling me at 1:30am while overseas :) Sorry for not answering... I just looked at the phone, and said "he'll leave a message." Alas. There was no message when I woke up.