The Chris Farley Show

Mike took me to the book store today and I came home with this book.

I was a fan of Chris Farley's and I have heard very good things about this book. But, I picked it up and put it back twice today before deciding that I was walking out of the door with it. What made the difference? Well, while trying to decide if it was worth spending the money for a hard cover book, I flipped it open and the first line that caught my eye was this:

"...my greatest fear was being sixty years old and trying hard to remember this kid who was my brother."

It was as though Tom Farley had reached inside of my soul and pulled out my own emotion. This month will mark five years since Matt died and sometimes I'm scared that I'm forgetting him. That the mental picture I have of him is getting a little less clear and that I'm losing memories of all of the little things that made him who he was.

And I knew that this book was coming home with me. Watching Chris Farley was one of those rare things that made Matt happy and I couldn't think of a better way to spend this fifth June without him than reading about a man that he admired and mourned.


LINDA said...

Cindi, Matt is partying with Chris Farley! He isn't worried that you will forget him. You will never forget the things that made you love him so much. It's just not possible. When you pass through those Pearly Gates and he greets you, it will be as though time has been standing still. You will pick up where you left off and he will be able to share all your joys and memories with you. Matt will love you forever.

SaNdY said...

Good comment from Aunt Linda, I have to agree 100%...I also think that as time without a loved one goes on, it's very normal to forget little things about them and it may feel like we are 'forgetting' that loved one, but we're not forgetting them at all, they will always be in our hearts...little things that happen in our day to day life remind us of them...and I would suggest that if you feel like you are losing memories of Matt, take time now and brainstorm...write down things you still do remember, it might make you feel better that you DO still have many memories of him...
And like Matt used to say to you: Love your guts!