A church by any other name...ok, it isn't the same

There was a bit of an snafu regarding that church that Mike and I were going to be married in. Our officiant recommended a little convent chapel. We went and viewed the chapel, loved it, took lots of pictures and decided it was perfect! We went back to our friends' house and called the sisters to make arrangements. Our friend, Rachael, spoke to one of the sisters who said that this was a very busy time for them and that we should call back after Christmas. Ok. We decided to contact our officiant who had "contacts" within the convent. Christmas came and went and we still weren't exactly sure what was going on.

Finally, Rachael and I reached the point where we were like, "We just need to know. Yes or no...can somebody let us know what's going on?" The sisters were reluctant to have a wedding there, so it seemed. They weren't saying no but they wouldn't really commit to a yes either. Our contact with the convent told Rachael and I that they could probably "twist the sisters' arms" and get them to agree to have the wedding there but I am reluctant to begin my marriage by putting the hurt on nuns. Luckily, Rachael is resourceful and knows a lot of very, very nice people. They scouted out another church, sent us some pictures and reserved our wedding date.

So behold! This is the church in which Mike and I will be getting married on April 22, 2006. In the top picture, if you look closely enough you will see our friend, and Rachael's beloved husband, Aaron. He is waving. The picture was taken to show that even though the church has a cemetery in front, we could take wedding pictures outside without the gravestones showing.

The second picture is the inside of the church. One of our requirements for a church is that it be small-ish. We're not having a huge lavish wedding and so I wanted an intimate atmosphere. No sense having a ceremony attended by about 15-20 people in a venue that holds 1,000. Know what I mean?

Today I started looking at "memorial candles" for the wedding. I don't know why I put that in quotes...I just felt like it. Anyway, besides making me cry at work (which is never cool), they cost around $40! $40 to put my brother's name on a candle that would cost me (maybe) $5 at Wal-Mart. I guess it just proves that weddings are big business. Feh.

Well, I must finish preparing for my drama class which starts in 31 minutes. I'll end with another quote from one of my favorite playwrights, Wendy Wasserstein.

"Because of Mozart, it's all over after the age of seven." - W. Wasserstein


Anonymous said...

Lucinda,you will have a memorial candle. If your father has to sell a kidney, so be it. Although I think Matt will be with us anyway. Anytime he's in our thoughts and heart, he is always close.

Anonymous said...

If Dad has to sell a kidney we're all in trouble.

Anonymous said...

The little church is beautiful and your wedding will be as well. Maybe we should take up a collection and let Charlie keep his kidney.

Cindi said...

Nah. Mom won't make him sell his kidney. He may not eat next month but he'll keep his kidney. :D