Our weekend

Saturday night, we went to Max and Erma's with my friend, Lisa.

I made Mike sit on the lion and have his picture taken. He was a really, really good sport about it.

We went to a couple of the stores in the little shopping center where Max and Erma's is. I took this picture for Mike's mom. Mike pointed out the "Lucy" store to me and I realized that it's right next to Ethel's! Whoa.

And today we went to the puggie fiesta and then took the pugs out to the beach for a bit. Too bad they're scared of the water.

After a brief trip to the beach, we headed to Leona's for dinna. Yumm Yumm. :D And I have left over pizza for lunch tomorrow! YaY!

I'm really behind on my emails. Like embarrassingly far behind. I am going to try and get to them tonight, but if not - rest assured I will get to them soon!


sara said...

I am loving all the good food and the BEACH!!!

SaNdY said...

Awww, Mike looks so cute sitting on that lion...looks somewhat like when he was little on the merry-go-round!! Lucy and Ethel's...love it!! Mmmm...Leona's...yum!! The beach looks soooooo nice!! :D