I *heart* Paul Bettany

Mike and I went to see the DaVinci Code and I have to say that Paul Bettany can look good even as a murderous albino monk. Mike's fairly enraptured with the flick and I must admit that I enjoyed it. I am, however, much more enamored of the original book than I am with the movie. Definitely worth a viewing - I'll even let Mike buy me the movie on dvd when it comes out. :D But make sure you read the book.

My house is a pit! A total pig sty - but I feel so totally great about it. It's a work in progress. I've decided to get rid of everything that I don't use. I brutally went through my closet and ousted anything that hadn't been worn in the last three months. Well, ok, not everything. As I told my mom, my little brother's old shirts are going to continue to hang in the closet for awhile longer. I had them out on the bed and even in the "goodwill" pile, telling myself that I almost never wore them. They hung in the closet until I needed something overlarge to lounge around in. I packed up all the other clothes into boxes and then I stared at those shirts. I picked one of them up and I outlined all the reasons I should get rid of them. They have small holes in them. They don't fit - they're way too big. They aren't fit to wear outside of the house. I almost never wear them. I slipped the shirt I was holding over my head and put it on. Then I picked up the other shirts and hung them in the closet.

Anyways, my cloak room is spotless and beautiful! My closet is streamlined and the rest of the house is on it's way to being so. Of course, right now I also have boxes stacked all over the front room. Like I said, it's a work in progress.

Well, until next time.....Go to bed! It's dark out!


Anonymous said...

Good choice, keeping Matt's shirts....I haven't heard the words 'cloak room' since I was in elementary school!! And that's a loooong time ago! How many cloaks you got there?? Hahahahahaha!! I'm so glad you finally got back to blogging....now get that hubby of yours back to blogging, too!

Anonymous said...

It sounds funny hearing Mike referred to as "hubby".