May the road rise up to meet you...

Is a birthday really a birthday when you sit at home doing nothing? Well, yeah, of course it is. Man, I'm so bored! Have you ever seen that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer is alone all day in Jerry's apartment? That's what it's been like on Dickens Ave. today. Mike had to work today and with all the stuff going on at his job, I didn't push for him to take the day off. I've done laundry, watched two movies, read two books, watched Judge Mathis, played with the cats, written in my journal, taken a bath AND a shower, checked my email compulsively about 40 times, played Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City and nearly had a fist fight with Furio. The thing I haven't done is pull out all the grading I need to do. It's my birthday! No way am I grading essays.

Mike actually took me out for my birthday yesterday. We went for a very nice birthday dinner at the Outback and then he took me to the book store. Perhaps you didn't understand. Mike Kurczewski VOLUNTARILY TOOK ME TO BORDERS. When he suggested the trip while we were eating I nearly choked. Then I looked at him suspiciously and thought to myself, "Oh, hell. He's either losing his job, terminally ill or about to break up with me." Yes, I know - he's a nice man who does sweet things for me all the time. But we're talking bookstore. When he told me my limit was "no more than FOUR books," I was like "Who are you and where's the real Mike? You aliens think you can fool me with this pod people version of my boyfriend but I'm WAY too smart for you." I'm still waiting for him to peel his face off and reveal his true identity. I'll let you know...

We're going to a hockey game tonight. Go Blackhawks! They're giving away green Blackhawks hats and I must possess one. I must.

Mike "accidentally" woke me up too early today. His excuse was, "Oh yeah. I forgot you don't have to work today." Yeah. He just wanted a chance to do his usual...."How old are you? 29. How old am I? Oh, yeah....still only 28." That's is SO not amusing any more. It was cute when we were 22, 23, 24...but as I age, I appreciate it far less.

Oh! Mike got home early. I suppose I should go change out of my pajamas so we can get go to the hockey game. Yeah, that's right...It's 4pm and I'm still in my pajamas. Big whoop...wanna fight about it? Anywho, I'm off. I'll try and update more later.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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