Battle Scars

Two days post-hospital discharge and I'm still sporting the marks. I had two IV sites, which were taped. That tape will not come off, no matter how many times I scrub. The big bruise is from Thursday night's IV.

This is my new bruise from today. I had some blood drawn for follow up testing and it hurt!

I'm tired of being a human pin cushion.


LINDA said...

I always bruise from IVs, too. And they have to search around to find a vein, making it worse.
I'm just glad you're home and feeling better. And I hear that congrats are in order. Dad says you got a new job and I, for one, am very glad. I know you were not happy where you were. I think your Mom was out there, pulling strings to get you this respite. Good luck, Cindi.

Brenda said...

Ohhhh, hope you get better, fast! As I said to my dog....HEAL!!!! I'll say a little prayer for your quick recovery!

sara said...

Umm..Ok - where have I been? How did I miss that you got a new job AND were hospitalized?? I guess I should call home more often.

Please, just pack up & leave that crazy city of yours and come rest in the mountains!!!

SaNdY said...

New job??? Congratulations!! :D

Kelly said...

uhh. am i dumb? did you write about a new job? is it with the blind lawyer??

hope you feel better soon. the pugs and kitties are sending non-stop happy thoughts.