Kotku and Duży

The past few weeks, I've been taking a class in Polish. I've been learning important things like the proper way to spell "Daj Mi Buzi," some common place vocabulary and the occasional Polish obscenity. Ok, that last part I haven't learned from class, but from a classmate whose husband is from Poland.

I bring the vocabulary home and teach it to Mike. Then we try to incorporate it into our every day conversations in what I can only call "Polglish." Mike sings along with Kid Rock and says, "I put your obraz away..." We talk about going to the książka store. Even the cats have new nicknames!

Kotku (a Polish endearment meaning 'little cat')

and Duży (which is simply an adjective which means 'big.')
Being called Duży is somewhat confusing for Furio, though, as he confuses Duży (doozhee) with "Suey!", which is his treat call. As a result, there have been a few times where I call him Duży and he runs hellbent for leather towards the kitchen.

I've also learned that the Polish tend to use unusual terms of endearment, like Robaczku, which means "little bug." I've settled on the more mainstream 'słodyczko' (sweetness) for Mikey.


sara said...

Aww - you are so sweet to immerse yourself into the Polish culture - I'm impressed. Can you learn some mandarin for me too?

Kelly said...

i love your funny polish

Brenda said...

Wow, I'm really impressed!!! Great Job, Cindusha (Sin-DU-sha)!!! My Aunty Annie used to call me Brendusha as a kid, so I think Cindusha will work for you!!!!! Sandy was Sandusha! And then there is Papusha (little baby) Study hard, teach Mike, (Michal pronounced MEE-hall) and have fun!!! I'm proud of you!!

SaNdY said...

Wow! You know way more Polish than I ever did! Great job! Good for you for trying to insert Polish into your conversations at home...I do remember that 'daj mi buzi' means 'give me a kiss'!! And growing up, I also remember being called 'San-doo-la'! :D